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Something Blue: 13 Brides Looking Beautiful in Blue

We've all heard that wedding day rhyme: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."
If tradition states that a bride will have good luck if she wears the 4 "somethings," then these brides are about a quarter of the way to having the luckiest marriages ever.

Here are 13 beautiful brides that looked cool in blue:

1. Midnight Blue

blue 1

Image Source: Giphy

A little blue veil turns this blue dress into a wedding gown that wows. And three cheers for this bride's ability to match her lip color to her waistband!

2. Baby Blues

blue 2 

Image Source: Wedding Chicks

The best thing about not wearing white? It's easier to match with your groom!

3. For You Blue

blue 3

Image Source: Bridal Musings

Even though it could be used for bathroom wallpaper, this elegant blue and white gown is still beautifully bridal.

4. Moody Blue

blue 4

Image Source: Offbeat Bride

This groom is wondering what it would be like to dive right into that billowing ocean blue dress.

5. Crystal Blue Persuasion

blue 5

Image Source: Inked Weddings

The subtle ice blue bottom of this dress allows the bride to embrace her inner Cinderella and even better, she won't turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

6. Tangled Up In Blue

blue 6

Image Source: Style Ablaze

This Pakistani creation is the perfect blend of blue and white and east and west.

7. Mrs. Blue Sky

blue 7

Image Source: Green Weddingz

Channel a springtime nymph in this stunning Robin's-Egg Blue number.

8. Out of the Blue

blue 8

Image Source: Wedding Party App

This soft blue bride looks like she just walked out of a cloud and into her destiny.

9. Blueberry Bliss

blue 9

Image Source: Hey Wedding Lady

Has any other bride ever been so effortlessly cool? Must be the blue.

10. Blue Lagoon

blue 10

Image Source: 100 Layer Cake

Down by the river, a groom floated away with his bride in blue.

11. Powder Blue

blue 11

Image Source: Fabyoubliss

Most people think Elsa is the Snow Queen. They're wrong... it's this bride.

12. Violets are Blue

blue 12

Image Source: Offbeat Bride

This bride is the belle of the ball and a devil in a blue dress, too.

13. Under a Blanket of Blue

blue 13

Image Source: 100 Layer Cake

Never has seersucker, a fabric previously reserved for elderly gentlemen, looked so glamorous.

When it comes to wedding day fashion, sometimes it's perfectly acceptable to feel a little blue!


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