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put a zing on it

11 Wedding Proposals to Make You Swoon on National Proposal Day

Love is in the air! It’s the first day of spring, so that means the promise of warm breezes and blooming flowers is making everyone’s heart sing. It’s also National Proposal Day. That means there is officially no better time to start thinking about how you’ll pop the question to your one true love.

Here are 11 creative ways to propose that are way more interesting than just getting down on one knee:

1. The Word is Love

proposal 2

Image Source: Inspiring Pretty

If the guy who writes the crosswords for the local paper owes you a favor… this would be the time to cash in.

2. Pint-Sized Love

proposal 1

Image Source: Huffington Post

Once they’ve hit the bottom of the glass, they’ll finally be drunk enough to say yes!

3. Marquee Marriage

proposal 3

Image Source: Inspiring Pretty

If your beloved has always dreamed of seeing their name in lights, rent out the marquee of an old theatre and let them see why they’re the star of your show.

4. Swimming Success

proposal 4

Image Source: Buzzfeed

If you have access to trained marine animals, get a dolphin to deliver your proposal! Your intended will DOLPHINATELY say “yes!”

5. Will WHO Marry Me?

proposal 5

Image Source: Popsugar

Bill Cindrich built this TARDIS from scratch to propose to his girlfriend, proving that when you’ve found your companion, you’ll find a way to travel through time and space to impress them.  

6. Puppy Love

proposal 6

Image Source: Pinimg

The only one who could reject this adorable proposal is an allergy-ridden monster. Or a cat person.

7. By Green Lantern’s Light…

proposal 7

Image Source: Buzzfeed

The Green Lantern has a magic ring that gives him unlimited power.  He also has the ring that your partner’s been checking your sock drawer for the last month!

8. Locks of Love

proposal 8

Image Source: How He Asked

While the most famous Love Lock bridge is in Paris, people have started placing symbolic padlocks on fences all over the world.  After you and your fiancé put up this love lock, be sure to throw away the key!

9. Teacher’s Pet

proposal 9

Image Source: Buzzfeed

If your partner isn’t a teacher, you might want to skip this proposal idea (or risk child endangerment charges.) But the idea can easily be replicated on adult co-workers, family members, friends, or even a group of romance-loving strangers.

10. Picture Yourself

proposal 10

Image Source: Weddings by Lilly

If you have some impressive planning skills and quick reflexes, this photo booth proposal is sure to impress.

11. Newsworthy Nuptials

proposal 11

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Take out an ad in the local paper… so their grandmother can read it and tell them all about it.

If you’re thinking about popping the question soon, these fun proposal ideas should keep you inspired to create your own unforgettable moment. As long as you stay away from a flash mob proposal, we’ll consider our job well done.


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