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wedded list

10 Guys NOT to Hook Up With at a Wedding

All you single gals (and guys!) might think that a wedding is the perfect place to meet Mr. Right. After all, love is in the air, drinks are flowing, and by the time you hit the last slow dance of the night – inevitably Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” – you actually do believe that you’ve just found your OTP.  Before you climb on board that midnight train goin’ anywhere, take a step back and make sure your guy isn’t one of these:

10. The Priest

 Even if he does look suspiciously like Jared Padalecki, it still ain’t right.

DoNOT 10

Image Source: Fanpop

9. “Uncle Ned’s Kids”

If the bride and the groom can’t claim them, then neither should you.


Image Source: Popsugar

8. The Ring Bearer

No matter how fly he’s dressed, he’s still too young for you.


Image Source: Cinderella's Seconds

7. The Groom’s Brother with the Foot Fetish

Don’t worry, he’s easy to spot – when you kick your heels off so you can “Shout,” he’s the guy on the ground waaaay before “… a little bit softer now…”


Image Source: KZOZ

6. The Men’s Rights Activist

He has a way with the ladies all right – but it’s definitely not a direction you’d ever want to go.


Image Source: We Hunted the Mammoth

5. The Wedding Planner

Of course he’s fabulous, but honey, please… that’s not his assistant.


Image Source: 3nter  

4. The Groomsman With a “Big Investment Opportunity”

Trust us, that’s not just a sexy come-on.


Image Source: Tremendous Life Books  

3. The Guy You Swore Had a Wedding Ring on Before

This one’s easy to fact check by asking the bride. Or noticing his ring finger tan line. Or if his cell phone has a screen saver pic of his wife, two kids, and the family dog. If you like it, just make sure it doesn’t have a ring on it.


Image Source: Picking Up the Peaces 

2. The Bride’s Cousin, The Professional Elvis Impersonator

Although this one depends – if he’s young Elvis, then by all means, go for it. Just say no to Elvis circa 1976.


Image Source: Rocketwatcher 

1. The Groom

Yeah, you dated once in middle school, but seriously, it’s time to move on!


Image Source: Better Nation 


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