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Let’s Get McMarried! Fast Food Weddings

Your wedding day is a day you've dreamed about for ages. The perfect man, the perfect dress, the perfect song. The only thing missing? Convenience.

So why not get married at a fast food chain and call it a day?

1. This couple got the Six Spatula Salute!


Image Source: The Sun UK

2. In this case, KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Ceremony.


Image Source: UK Mirror

3. Like Romeo and Juliet, the houses of Taco Bell and KFC need never be divided again.


Image Source: PETA

4. In Hong Kong, the McDonald's wedding has become a huge fad.


Image Source: Favored By Yodit

5. Seriously. They can't stop getting married in McDonald's. They're mac-dicted.


Image Source: It's Getting Viral

6. They'll be needing caffeine for the wedding night, amiright? Eh? EH?


Image Source: Redbox Pictures

7. I'm glad they resisted the urge to spell it 'kungradulashunz!'


Image Source: Chic-fil-A

8. Waffle House, that bastion of southern breakfast deliciousness, was a perfect place for this couple to get hitched.


Image Source: Cloudfront

9. Not to be outdone, even Walmart hopped in on the fun.


Image Source: California Technologies

If all of these weddings made you hungry, it might be time to scout locations - and hit up some dollar menus!


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