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Book It to the Altar with a Book Themed Wedding

For the dedicated bibliophile, there’s no better aphrodisiac than the smell of old books. If you’re the kind of couple that loves the written word as much as (or even a little bit more than) you love each other, consider having a wedding that’s all about literary love. 

We’ve found 11 bookish ways make your wedding a real page-turner:

1. Booked Solid

LibraryWedding 1 

Image Source: courtneycallahan.com

Print your “Save the Dates” on a bookmark, so your friends will be reminded of your upcoming nuptials every time they curl up with their favorite read! (We’re just hoping you don’t end up sandwiched between the pages of 50 Shades of Grey.) 

2. Beautiful Book-quet

LibraryWedding 2 

Image Source: etsy.com

Remind the bridesmaids to watch out for paper cuts when they’re fighting over who will catch the bouquet!

Check out more flowerless bouquet ideas here.

3. One for the Guest Books

LibraryWedding 3 

Image Source: ultrapom.com

Let your guests channel Hemingway or Fitzgerald as they give you their well-written marriage advice. 

4. The Classics Cake

LibraryWedding 4 

Image Source: weddingbee.com

Have you devoured a good book lately? 

5. Fictional Favors

LibraryWedding 5 

Image Source: intimateweddings.com

Even if your guests never bother to crack open their vintage favors, they’ll still last longer than a baggie of Jordan almonds!

6. Worldly Centerpiece

LibraryWedding 6 

Image Source: oncewed.com

A centerpiece of books, globes, and other library-goodness gives the whole reception a rather learned air. 

7. A Novel Dress

LibraryWedding 7 

Image Source: bustle.com

Know what it really means to be “immersed in a book” when you wear this dress made of recycled pages.

8. Page Turning Table Runner

LibraryWedding 8 

Image Source: popsugar.com

This table runner is easy to DIY and the words are a perfect distraction for the guest stuck sitting next to that boring in-law!

9. Verbose Vows

LibraryWedding 9 

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

Let the great literary romances inspire you as you say your vows. 

10. Don’t Judge a Book By it’s Cover

LibraryWedding 10 

Image Source: greenweddingshoes.com

Now when he misplaces the rings, they’ll only be lost in a good book!

11. Library Love

LibraryWedding 11 

Image Source: persimmonimages.com

Or take the theme to the extreme and get married in a bookstore or library! 

May we suggest the Bodleian Library in Oxford, England? 

Now that you’ve seen these literary wedding details, you’ll be able to show everyone that you’ve read the book of love! 


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