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7 Ways to Espresso Yourself with a Coffee Wedding

Attention, caffeine addicts: Starbucks weddings are officially now a thing.


Image Source: Instagram

This means that people's caffeine addictions are literally consuming their lives.

If you're the kind of couple that only takes your coffee one way - seriously - you can still honor your favorite beverage on your big day without taking over a Starbucks chain.

Here are 7 ways to give your wedding a subtle double shot of caffeinated bliss:

1. Hire a Latte Artist


Image Source: Barista Art

This is a delicious compromise if your fiancé was dead set on having his cousin do caricatures all night.

2. Coffee Bean & Center Piece


Image Source: Craft Hubs

Can you imagine the glorious smell that will fill the room when you light these espresso bean votives?

3. A Vision in (Flat) White


Image Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Matching His & Her Coffee Mugs are a great way to enjoy one last cup separately before being obligated to give him a "just a sip" every time you order an iced caramel macchiato.

4. Save the au Lait


Image Source: Chips and Salsa Designs

What better way to announce your wedding than with something that shows how hot it's going to be?

5. Patron "XOXO" Cafe


Image Source: Patron Tequila

Café Patron is the future of coffee liquors. Try this XO Café Blackberry Cream Martini as your signature cocktail, and your guests will be forgetting all about Kahlua.

6. True Tiramisu Love


Image Source: Call Me Cupcake

The classic Italian espresso cake will have your guests in tiers.

7. Thanks a Latte


Image Source: And Cute

If you're having an outdoor summer wedding, your guests will be grateful for their custom carafe of cold brew.

Whether you're a regular at the Starbucks drive-thru, or you prefer to enjoy your French press together in bed, there's nothing wrong with giving your big day a little java flavor.


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