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Love in the Ozarks at Thorncrown Chapel!

WRITER'S NOTE: I have to admit that, as a native Arkansan, I'm terribly biased towards this wedding venue. But I'll do my best to stay as even-handed as possible. Ahem.


Thorncrown Chapel is the most beautiful location on the planet earth, and most likely on any other inhabitable planet within our galaxy.

It perfectly blends modern architecture with a rustic aesthetic, forming a style that the original architect E. Fay Jones described as "Ozark Gothic."


Standing at forty-eight feet high, the wooden frame structure contains four hundred and twenty five – yes, 425! – windows and more than SIX THOUSAND – 6 0 0 0 – square feet of glass! It is the shiniest, most beautiful thing ever. I imagine that this is where royalty gets married in Narnia. Straight up.


Can't you see yourself standing under all of that glass, looking up at the pine wood 2x4s that crisscross each other in a whimsical but still technically bewildering marriage of structure meeting beauty? As the sun travels across the sky, the shadows of the structure dance and change.


So it's in the Arkansas boonies – so what! LOOK AT IT. JUST LOOK.


Winter wedding? Come on down!


Nighttime wedding? HOW MAGICAL.


You don't have to be from Arkansas to have your wedding in such a stellar setting. After all, how many native Nevadans get married by Elvis?

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Thorn Crown


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