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In the Medieval times, veils were used to protect the bride from spirits and demons. But in the modern age, brides know that blocking their vision with white tulle isn’t necessarily going to save them from the evil eye.   

We’ve found 11 wedding veil alternatives for brides looking for less traditional ways to cover their heads.

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The wedding cake is a major part of matrimonial tradition. There’s even a whole portion of the reception devoted to cutting the cake! Slicing a piece of overpriced dessert shouldn’t be a spectator sport, and yet—people can’t wait to see a groom smush icing into the bride’s mouth. If you really want to give your guests something to look at, why not try skipping the cake all together? 

We’ve found 11 tasty wedding cake alternatives that will keep even the most conservative of wedding guests well fed and happy. 

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Theme weddings are generally fun, but when the theme is a fandom to which the lovebirds are seriously devoted, they can reach a whole new level of awesome. Here are 9 couples who committed to way more than just each other on their wedding day.

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There’s no getting around it—as soon as you announce your engagement, all anyone wants to talk about is that ring.  

But what if you’re not really the diamond solitaire type? 

We’ve found 11 non-traditional engagement and wedding rings that’ll get you excited to “put a ring on it.”

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Unless you’re sporting Disney princess style gloves, you can’t hide your nails on your wedding day. 

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