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The Oscars are Hollywood’s biggest celebration of elegance and glamour, and if you’re planning a wedding, they can also be the perfect place to find matrimonial inspiration. See how that starlet is posing for the paparazzi? That’ll be you on your big day, grinning for the wedding photographer. See how Angelina Jolie is dealing with the press? That’ll be you, introducing yourself to your new in-laws. 

Here are 13 ways to make your wedding Oscar-worthy.

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When you’re tending to all details of planning a wedding, it’s easy for the guest book to become just an afterthought.  There are dresses to buy, cakes to taste, and couples cocktails to create! Who cares about a stupid book?

Well, you should care. If chosen cleverly, guest books can both entertain your guests and become life-long keepsakes.  And sometimes they don’t have to be books at all…

Here are 11 guest book alternatives that really jump off the page. 

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Barefoot sandals conjure up images of bohemian babes dancing at a summer rock festival, or effortlessly cool hippies lounging by a beachside bonfire. 

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Are you the kind of girl who would do anything to avoid wearing a dress? Especially a really expensive one that looks best when there’s a shapewear situation going on underneath it? 

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Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, so there are bound to be thousands of weddings scheduled for this most romantic of days.  But if you’d dare to hold your wedding on this sugarcoated holiday, know that your guests are going to expect heart-shaped chocolates, rose petals, and other Cupid-approved decor.  

We assembled some of our favorite Valentine’s Day-themed wedding details that are sure to inspire even the most “Valentine’s Day is a corporate sham” kind of couples.

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