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Hats Off to These 11 Stunning Bridal Veil Alternatives

In the Medieval times, veils were used to protect the bride from spirits and demons. But in the modern age, brides know that blocking their vision with white tulle isn’t necessarily going to save them from the evil eye.   

We’ve found 11 wedding veil alternatives for brides looking for less traditional ways to cover their heads.

1. Fascinating Fascinator

VeilAlternatives 1

Image Source: frenchweddingstyle.com

These jaunty headpieces have been all the rage ever since Kate Middleton was photographed wearing them all over England. They’re cute and retro, and you definitely won’t trip on it. 

2. You’re the Top

VeilAlternatives 2

Image Source: etsy.com & ledge.fleetwoodmac.net

Since the 1970s, little girls have been dreaming of channeling Stevie Nicks on their wedding day. 

3.  Tiny Top Hat

VeilAlternatives 3

Image Source: etsy.com & ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

Want to do a traditional top hat, but you’re afraid you’ll look a little too much like a ringmaster in a circus wedding? Try a tiny top hat! This is also a great choice for ladies who are self conscious about their small head…the mini hat makes it look giant in comparison!

4. Flora

VeilAlternatives 4

Image Source: jamiebrock.hubpages.com

If the flower on her head is that big, can you imagine what her bouquet looks like?

5. Heavenly Headband

VeilAlternatives 5

Image Source: etsy.com

Add some crystals to a headband and suddenly it’s a $200 “bridal” headpiece. 

6. Floral Wreath

VeilAlternatives 6

Image Source: etsy.com

Floral wreaths are romantic and carefree—and totally stunning when they’re decorating a killer mane of red locks. 

7. Grecian Goddess

VeilAlternatives 7

Image Source: etsy.com

Your wedding ceremony is the perfect time to remind your beloved that they’re marrying a goddess. 

8. Crown

VeilAlternatives 8

Image Source: irulan18.files.wordpress.com

You’re queen of the day and the queen of your fiancé’s heart. Work it, girl. 

9. Feathered and Fancy Free

VeilAlternatives 9

Image Source: polkadotbride.com

Walk down the aisle in a crown that just screams “Swan Princess.” 

10. Silent Screen Siren

VeilAlternatives 10

Image Source: eterneltresor.com

These flapper “caps” have started popping up in bridal magazines ever since the re-make of The Great Gatsby came out in 2013. They’re the perfect way to hide the fact that you woke up with bed head on your wedding day! 

11. Bridal Bambi

VeilAlternatives 11

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

Or you could be the forest princess of your dreams in this floral, antler/fascinator hybrid. Just make sure you keep an eye out for wedding guests dressed in camouflage!

Now that you’ve seen these alternative headpieces, you know you can look your best without hiding underneath a veil. Pick headwear that compliments your style and your personality, and you’ll be an unforgettably stylish bride. 


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