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An image of a tattooed arm with dots and numbers on it has been popping up in major locations all around the world. Some people are claiming that English graffiti artist and activist Banksy is responsible for the posters.

Couples have been clamoring to get their wedding photos taken in front of the images ever since they first appeared.

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For almost eight years, Mad Men has been giving weekly glimpses into the Technicolor style of the 1960s. From glamorous fashion to killer interior design, there's something worth swooning over in every episode.

Now that the series is drawing to a close, it's the end of an era. We're saying goodbye to girdles and gimlets, and hello to questionable facial hair and far-out fashion.

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Don't assume that because your groom's a dude, he doesn't want a stylish and meaningful wedding ring.

Here are 13 unique men's bands so you can finally put a ring on it:

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For the traditional groom, getting suited up for the wedding day is easy.  Their bride picks out a tux, and the groom can just saunter into the closest Men’s Warehouse and rent it.

But some fashion-forward grooms actually want to be a little more involved in choosing their wedding wear. They want to look suave and cool—it’s their wedding day too, after all.

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St. Patrick’s Day makes us think of the Emerald Isle… and other greenery like leprechauns, Shamrock Shakes, the start of spring, and the money you’ll be spending on your wedding day.

In honor of the day where everyone’s Irish, we’ve found 11 wedding gowns that turned their brides into Goddesses in Green:

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