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put a zing on it

7 Types of Girls Who Catch the Bouquet

The bouquet toss is an ancient tradition that makes your wedding guests show their true colors. Who would have thought that your sweet college roommate would resort to hair-pulling and screaming just so she could get your leftover flowers (and end her singlehood?)

Here are the 7 types of girls that might end up with your bouquet:

1. The girl on her way to the bar.

Image Source: Up Graam

She just has really good reflexes.

2. The girl who has no intention of getting married, but never misses an opportunity for free things.

Image Source: Photobucket

She just wants some new petals for her vase.

3. The girl whose boyfriend was planning on breaking up with her next week...


Image Source: Tumblr


4. The girl who has been "happily" married for years.


Image Source: Wedding Bee

She's just shooting for a vow renewal, that's all.

5. The girl who has caught 6 bouquets so far in her adult life...


Image Source: Raw Photo Design

She's hoping that lucky number 7 will finally bring her a boyfriend.

6. The girl whose date is someone the bride set her up with last minute...

And she'll do anything to avoid talking to them. .

7. YOU!


Image Source: Momentville

That bouquet was expensive. No way are you giving it up!

No matter who catches the bouquet, you'll probably still be hearing about it when you get back from your honeymoon.


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