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wedded list

If You Want to Stay Married, Don’t Include These Lines in Your Vows

Trust us, marriage is already hard enough. If you want to start off on a  good note don't include these statements in your wedding vows.

1. “I remember when we first met. You looked so beautiful passed out on our friend’s lawn.”


Image Source: Flickr

2. “Til our differences become irreconcilable do we part.”

Image Source: Moviegifsstumblr.com

3. “I’d like to read from the Book of Revelations…”

Image Source: giphy.com

4. “I’m so happy my parents could make it even though I intentionally misdirected them.”

Image Source: Reddit

5. “Our love is stronger than any legal statute.”

Image Source: aisese.tumblr.com

6. “Some people think marriage requires no effort, me included.”

Image Source: Gifbay

7. “I am honored to stand here today before my God, my family, and my fellow inmates.”


Image Source: Flickr

8. “…and even though you weren’t my first choice…”

Image Source: thenug.com

9. “And now for the ceremonially breaking of my father in law’s nose.”

Image Source: Reddit

10. “I would literally kill for you…you don’t even have to ask…I can read your thoughts…”

Image Source: Gifbay


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