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Embrace Your Childhood With These 9 Wedding Lawn Games

You may have recently heard about Brooklyn's "Adult Preschool," where hipster 30-somethings are paying hundreds of dollars to finger paint and participate in show and tell:


Why channel your inner child at a fancy preschool, when you can do it at your wedding?

Here are 9 ways couples made sure that their wedding guests knew that even though they were getting married, they still weren't ready to grow up:

1. Potato Sack Race – for guests trying to recapture previous field day glories.


Image Source: Tied Bow Blog

2. Egg and Spoon Race – for well-balanced guests that don't like to run.


Image Source: Green Wedding Shoes

3. Bag Toss – for guests that hate challenges.


Image Source: The Sweetest Occasion

4. A Parachute – for gym class style magic.


Image Source: Pinterest

5. Red Rover Red Rover – for the guest that's ready to come over!


Image Source: Aubrey Joy Photography

6. Cootie Catcher – for the guests that want to giggle about boys.


Image Source: My Wedding Reception Ideas

7. Life-Sized Jenga – for guests that like to watch things tumble down.


Image Source: Bridal Guide

8. Bouncy House – for guests that need to take off their stilettos for a while.


Image Source: Huffington Post

9. Ball Pit – for guests that love swimming in a pile of germs!


Image Source: Flickr


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