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wedded list

9 Terrible Wedding Themes You Need to Avoid

Theme weddings can be so much fun! But if you choose a bad theme, your guests are going to remember your wedding for all the wrong reasons.

Here are 9 terrible wedding themes you’ve got to avoid:

1. Public Transportation

BadTheme 2

Image Source: pittsburghtransit.info

2. Toddlers & Tiaras 

BadTheme 3

Image Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

3. As Seen on TV – Avoid wearing that formal Snuggie!

BadTheme 4

Image Source: mysnuggiestore.com

4. Antebellum Glamor – Though it worked for Paula Deen!

BadTheme 5

Image Source: 365thingsaustin.com

5. Law and Order

BadTheme 6

Image Source: technologytell.com

6. Alien Abduction

BadTheme 7

Image Source: crystalinks.com & etsy.com

7. Prom Night

BadTheme 8

Image Source: examiner.com

8. The 2011 Oscars

BadTheme 9

Image Source: cdn.sheknows.com

9. Manson Family Gathering

BadTheme 10

Image Source: litreactor.com


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