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Got Cold Feet? These Colorful Shoes Will Get You Down the Aisle

Just because you’re going traditional and wearing white on your wedding day doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate pops of color and whimsy into your bridal outfit.

Why not put your best foot forward as you walk down the aisle in a pair of unusual or offbeat shoes? Hidden underneath a sea of white crinoline and lace, they’ll be quite the conversation piece once you get onto the dance floor. 

Here are 11 of our favorite wedding day shoes.  

1. Wear Your Heart on Your Shoes


Image Source: onewed.com

These Vivienne Westwood pumps are quickly becoming the bridal shoes of 2015. They come in an array of colors and are plastic—so don’t worry about stepping on a rogue piece of cake! 

2. Get Some Va-Va-Voom With Your Shoe

ShoeFits 2

Image Source: blog.myglassslipper.com

Isn’t it cool when the bow on your shoe can double as a choker for a Victorian lady? 

3. Something Borrowed, Something Blue

ShoeFits 3

Image Source: stylemepretty.com

Bonus points if it looks like you borrowed Lady Gaga’s shoe. 

4. Potter Pride

ShoeFits 4

Image Source: geeksaresexy.net

The shoes are perfect for practicing your matrimonial magic! 

5. You’ve Got Sole

ShoeFits 5

Image Source: etsy.com

The sole is a really under utilized part of the shoe.  Write your married name or a message of love in a place that only the most eagle-eyed wedding guests will spot. 

6. Time for the Electric (Green) Slide

ShoeFits 6

Image Source: weddingsiniowa.blogspot.com

Stand out (except you’re wearing a wedding gown, so you’ll already be standing out) in these retro inspired electric green pumps. 

7. Get Comfy and Cute!

ShoeFits 7

Image Source: rusticweddingchic.com

It’s your wedding, so you can be comfortable if you want to.  And why wouldn’t you?

8. Bewitched, Bedazzled and Bewildered

ShoeFits 8

Image Source: etsy.com

For the woman who wants her shoe to outshine her ring. 

9. Lie Back and Think of England

ShoeFits 9

Image Source: rocknrollbride.com

Let your shoes show your patriotic side.  (Because even though it’s your wedding, you’re always married to your country.) 

10. Tattoo You

ShoeFits 10

Image Source:  etsy.com

These tattoo inspired soles are super cool.  And you’re technically still wearing white shoes, so you can tell your mom to stop freaking out. 

11. A Rose by any Other Name… is a Shoe

ShoeFits 11

Image Source: etsy.com

When you’re wearing these rosy shoes, you can toss that bouquet to the curb. 

Now that you’ve seen how other brides are stepping out in amazing footwear, you’ll never want to settle on plain old white shoes for your big day!


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