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Have a Wedding That’s Curiouser and Curiouser at the Wonderland House

For couples that have fallen through the Looking Glass and are looking for a place to get married before the Queen demands their head, there's no curiouser spot than the Wonderland House, the world's only Alice in Wonderland themed hotel.


Image Source: Wonderland House UK

The Wonderland House is located in the seaside town of Brighton, about 50 miles south of London.


Image Source: Guide 2 Brighton

The entire 6-bedroom house can be rented out by the night or by the week. Smaller groups are encouraged to rent out The Looking Glass Cottage next door... if they dare:


Image Source: Trip Advisor

The main house can accommodate up to 24 people in its themed bedrooms:


Image Source: Wonderland House UK

Just LOOK at the teapot sink:


Image Source: Wonderland House UK

Isn't the Pink Flamingo bedroom a perfectly disorienting honeymoon suite?


Image Source: Wonderland House UK

Tea can be served in the Mad Hatter Dining Room, an adorable spot filled with teacup shaped chairs!


Image Source: Ruiso Decor

The Wonderland House is the perfect place for a weekend-long bachelorette party. (Or a "hen do" as they call it in Blighty.)


Image Source: Wonderland House UK

Or you're welcome to go completely mad and have the whole wedding there!


Image Source: Wonderland House UK

Who needs a couple's cocktail when you've got a very demanding cup of tea?


Image Source: Instagram

This delicious spread looks like it came right out of the March Hare's kitchen!


Image Source: Henbox UK

Invite your guests to dress like their favorite characters:


Image Source: GUIM UK

Or just be yourselves in this charming bit of whimsy by the sea.


Image Source: Wonderland House UK

So whether you're planning to slay the Jabberwocky after your wedding,
or you're just going back to reality, the Wonderland House is the perfect place to hide away and go entirely bonkers. (Just like all the best people do!)


Image Source: Wonderland House UK


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