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13 Brides Who Totally Killed It in Black Wedding Dresses

Wearing white on your wedding day didn’t really become a thing till Queen Victoria wore a white lace gown to marry Prince Albert in 1840. Then, in the 1920s, the fashion industry claimed that brides who didn’t wear white on their wedding day weren’t pure.  

Let’s start some new wedding trends and bring the color back to bridal gowns!  Shall we start by going back to black?  We’ve discovered 13 brides who are subverting tradition and totally rocking it in their black gowns. 

1. Ebony and Ivory 


Image Source: stylemepretty.com

When you’re having a wedding in a Winter Wonderland, you can’t risk blending into the background.  This black tulle gown ensures that you’ll stand out when you’re standing in the snow. 

2. Black Leather/Black Lace

BlackDress 2

Image Source: rocknrollbride.com

With her cool leather jacket, this bride is having the Grease themed wedding of our dreams. 

3. Charcoal in the Country

BlackDress 3

Image Source: inspiredbythis.com

This bride is all glam in this one- shoulder ball gown.  And with those cowboy boots, she’s totally prepared to jump on the back of a wild stallion, Harlequin Romance style. 

4. Sophistication Unveiled

BlackDress 4

Image Source: verawang.com

By forcing her relatives to dress in light colors, this black-gowned bride was still able to have her “white wedding.”

5. Traditional Elegance

BlackDress 5

Image Source: brides.com 

Afraid to commit to a wedding in head to toe black?  Tie a black ribbon around your waist.  It’s the perfect accessory for a scaredy pants! 

6. All in the Details

BlackDress 6

Image Source: rocknrollbride.com 

We can’t stop staring at this ruffled and pleated dress.  She’s wondering why her groom looks so plain. 

7. Midnight Black

BlackDress 7

Image Source: offbeatbride.com

This bride had the bottom of her dress bedazzled to ensure that her ring wasn’t her only bling. 

8. Ruffle in the Bustle

BlackDress 8

Image Source: weddingchicks.com

The best accessory for a black dress?  A classic red lip. Too bad her groom is only staring at that headband, though. 

9. Serving Up Some Sea Witch Realness

BlackDress 9

Image Source: rocknrollbride.com

This dress is the perfect choice for when you’ve stolen the voice of your enemy in order to marry her prince. 

10. Vintage Va-Va-Voom

BlackDress 10

Image Source: rocknrollbride.com

Because you should always base your dress choice on how well it showcases the confetti people are throwing at you. 

11. Latex Lady

BlackDress 11

Image Source: rocknrollbride.com

This form-fitting dress is totally badass… and also completely made of latex.  Good luck to whoever is pulling that dress off of her on the wedding night!

12. Beverly Hills Gothic

BlackDress 12

Image Source: stylemepretty.com

Just let the groom represent white.

13. Flower Girl Fashion

BlackDress 13

Image Source: munaluchibridal.com

We couldn’t resist adding these flower girls to our list.  Even if they do look like human tarantula babies.  

So if you’re thinking about having a statement wedding dress, black might be the way to go.  Anyone with fashion sense will see you’re not a Goth.  (Unless you are a Goth, then why don’t you wear something red or deep purple?) 


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