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The Neon Museum: Las Vegas, NV

When people think of a Vegas wedding, they generally picture glitzy casinos, Elvis impersonators, and maybe even a drive-thru wedding chapel. Although Sin City weddings can be delightfully, even refreshingly tacky, the Neon Museum offers a truly unique matrimonial experience with style that’s fit for a King (or at least someone dressed like him).

Created in 1996, the Neon Museum is like a night of the living dead of Vegas’ past. Over 150 neon signs peppered across an outdoor space comprise a luminous portrait of yesteryear glitz and glamour. Many signs date back to the 1930s, so doff your pork pie hats and don your garters at a location where bygone style is still all the rage. Dance to the haunting rock of Jack White in front of the old Jackpot Modern Casino sign, or fiddle tunes of the old frontier next to the sparkling Cimarron sign. All the neons in the collection have a unique story of their creation, inspiration, and position on the infamous Vegas strip.

neon 2

Also referred to as the “Boneyard,” this sprawling field of luminescence is as inspiring as it is visually stimulating. Here, walking down the aisle with your sweetie is sure to conjure a sense of timelessness, not to mention an automatic edge in terms of Vegas wedding originality!

While daytime is dandy for exchanging vows and pre-ceremony photos, it’s after dark that the stimulating cemetery truly comes to life. Surrounded by glittering signs and all your loved ones, this will be a wedding like no other. Viva Las Vegas!

neon 3


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