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Ways to go Viral on Your Wedding Day That Are Cooler Than a Cheesy Dance

When you were a little girl (or boy) dreaming about your wedding, did you fantasize about how your walk down the aisle would go viral?

ViralWedding 1

Image Source: Solarphotographers.com

Of course you didn’t! But ever since that pioneer bridal party danced their way onto YouTube and into our hearts, brides-to-be have been plotting ways to have the biggest wedding on the Internet.

Take a look at some of these viral wedding dances. Instead of learning all of that cheesy choreography, wouldn’t you rather be planning something much more original?

The Pioneers

Here’s the mildly entertaining wedding video that started the craze:

It was even re-created on The Office for Jim and Pam’s wedding:

Wrong Direction

This dance, set to a One Direction song, has over 2 million views on YouTube… it’s also perfectly reasonable grounds for immediate divorce.

Butt Slapping Good Time

Unless your mother is Kris Jenner, your mom won’t be thrilled that her daughter is now internet famous for her big butt.

Mommie Dearest

There’s being close to your mother and then there’s being too close to your mother. And since the mother has some tight dance moves, nobody’s even thinking about the bride.


There are hundreds of Michael Jackson themed first dances up on YouTube. If you’re going to be completely unoriginal, at least try to choose a song that doesn’t scream “spooky Halloween wedding.”

If you must have a mind-blowing first dance or walk down the aisle, there are more creative ways to do it.

If you’re insistent on having a choreographed dance at your wedding, why don’t you just hire professional dancers to perform for you? Or, you know, you could just MARRY a professional dancer who asks his coworkers to be groomsmen:

Not into dancing? Maybe you’re better at fighting. Have a “First Duel” with swords, fists, or lightsabers:

Or try having a “First Bounce!”

ViralWedding 2

Image Source: Sternbergclarke.co.uk


Why dance down the aisle when you can SING?

If you’re going to upload your wedding to YouTube, wouldn’t you rather go viral for having a totally original and cool affair? Anyone can stumble along to a badly choreographed dance, but only a bridal star can devise a wedding show-stopper. 


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