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Your Wedding Can Still be Hipster Chic Without the Bowties and Suspenders

Hipster grooms, we have a problem with your uniform.

This bowtie and suspender trend that's plaguing weddings across the country has got to stop. You may think you look like this:

suspenders 1

Image Source: Nice Try Bro

But in reality, you look more like this:

suspenders 2

Image Source: GMO Cloud

We get that by dressing like a slightly more chic version of your grandpa, you're broadcasting the fact that you're whimsical, sensitive... and a little ironic. You don't need the wedding industry telling you to wrap yourself up in some Italian-made black tailcoat of oppression, because you've got suspenders.

suspenders 3

Image Source: Dotty Vintage Weddings

The next time you're at a hipster wedding, ask yourself this: How many of those groomsmen actually know how to tie their own bowtie? Chances are, everyone's wearing clip-ons, just like the 7-year-old ring-bearer.

suspenders 4

Image Source: Hispabodas

Unless your bride has dreams of marrying an old-timey ragamuffin, save that outfit for your Newsies audition:

suspenders 5

Image Source: NY Times

If you still want to embrace a casual retro look for your wedding day, consider one of these old-school alternatives:

1. Pinstripes

suspenders 6

Image Source: Muna Luchi Bridal

Whatever happened to pinstriped suits? They're classy, with a retro-vibe that both the Yankees and olden day gangsters love.

2. Chambray

suspenders 7

Image Source: Snippet and Ink

This chambray shirt is casual and relaxed, but paired with a suit and tie (with a tie-bar!) this shirt is marriage material.

3. Bold Block Colors

suspenders 8

Image Source: Wedd Book

Nobody's saying that it's easy to pull off a colored suit, but it's certainly more interesting than your average formal wear.

Just know your personal limits. Remember dad's prom pic?s

suspenders 9

Image Source: Zoot Suit Store

4. Mismatched Suit

suspenders 10

Image Source: Designer Studio Store

You want to look whimsical? Nothing says you're breaking away from the boring old black tuxedo than a mix and match suit combo.

If you wear one of these hipster alternatives, you'll go from Steve Urkel to Stefan Urquelle in no time!

suspenders 11

Image Source: Digital Operative


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