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The Latest Wedding Photography Trend is GIFs!

Wedding photographers have started incorporating the Internet's biggest obsession, animated GIFs, into their portfolios.

GIFs are 2-second clips from pop culture that play on a loop.

Now that there are wedding GIFs, the day's biggest moments can be preserved in a moving format that you can embed into the footer of all your emails to remind your co-workers how happy you are.

Here are 11 enchanting wedding GIFs:

1. Sparkle Motion

It's like the flame of love will never burn out.

2. Windy City

No matter which way the wind blows, this couple will be there for each other.

3. Celebrate!

The confetti never stops falling.

4. Here's Looking at You

The bride's constant smile is only slightly unnerving.

5. Smooch!

Get a room, guys, seriously.

6. Highway Honeymoon

Honk if you love romance!

7. Hand in Hand

Didn't anyone ever tell this couple that they shouldn't waste water?

8. Amber Waves of Grain

Who knew that wheat could be so romantic?

9. Twin Flames

This couple is literally on fire for one another.

10. A Little Twirl

Dance like everyone's watching.

11. Sway

Sway...sway... and SWOON.

We bet that you never knew that you needed wedding GIFs, but now that you've seen these amazing examples... how can you resist?


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