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Gown Free: 9 Wedding Dress Alternatives

Are you the kind of girl who would do anything to avoid wearing a dress? Especially a really expensive one that looks best when there’s a shapewear situation going on underneath it? 

It’s your wedding and you don’t have to wear a gown if you don’t want to! Society may dictate that to be a proper bride you have to be covered in your mother’s hand-me-down lace, but you’ve never cared about societal restrictions, have you? 

We’ve found 9 wedding dress alternatives sure to turn to status quo on its heels. 

1. Over the Moon for Overalls

NotADress 1

Image Source: joannagoddard.blogspot.com

These bridal overalls are casual and carefree. And perfect for getting some post-wedding yard work done. 

2. Swimsuit Siren

NotADress 2

Image Source: weddingclan.com

What’s the point of a beachy wedding if you can’t hit the waves afterwards? 

With this formal swimsuit, you and your sweetheart won’t waste any time plunging into the deep end. 

3. Bridal Body Paint

NotADress 3

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

Use bridal body paint to flaunt what your mother gave you… in front of your mother. 

4. Caped Crusader

NotADress 4

Image Source: sassysingapore.com

Solange Knowles is the elegant super hero bride of our dreams. 

5. Renegade Romper

NotADress 5

Image Source: weddbook.com 

Shorts on the bottom…formal wear on top. This romper is the mullet of bridal wear. 

6. Bridal Shorts

NotADress 6

Image Source: ridingpretty.blogspot.com

Our sources say that bridal shorts are becoming the “it” wedding trend of 2015. And unlike a bridal romper, you won’t have to completely strip to go to the bathroom. 

7. Jump(suits) for My Love

NotADress 7

Image Source: parisciel.com

A jumpsuit is basically the romper’s cooler, more sophisticated big sister. 

8. Pajama Game

NotADress 8

Image Source: lovelyweddingday.com

You’ll be a comfortable conversation starter in these lacy bottoms.  

9. Wedding Skirt

NotADress 9

Image Source: theboldbride.com

It’s not as stuffy as a wedding dress—and you can wear your favorite shirt as you twirl around in a poufy, fairytale skirt. 

After seeing these wedding dress alternatives, a classic gown will seem so last century. 


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