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13 Details That Can Add Some Legit Tinseltown Glitz to Your Special Day

The Oscars are Hollywood’s biggest celebration of elegance and glamour, and if you’re planning a wedding, they can also be the perfect place to find matrimonial inspiration. See how that starlet is posing for the paparazzi? That’ll be you on your big day, grinning for the wedding photographer. See how Angelina Jolie is dealing with the press? That’ll be you, introducing yourself to your new in-laws. 

Here are 13 ways to make your wedding Oscar-worthy.

1. Meet Your Wedding Colors: Black and Gold


Image Source: etsy.com

Nothing screams sophistication like décor that’s inspired by a little gold man. 

2. Speaking of Oscar…

OscarWedding 2 

Image Source: mazelmoments.com

Take some gold spray paint to your old Ken dolls to make either eye-catching centerpieces or a glamorous bouquet holder.

3. Movie Poster Save-the-Dates

OscarWedding 3 

Image Source: margaretandersen.com

Announce your upcoming nuptials in grand Old Hollywood Style. 

4. Tickets to Romance

OscarWedding 4 

Image Source: etsy.com

Your guests will want to RSVP as soon as they see their Art Deco-inspired movie ticket invitation. 

5. Make Sure That Everything is Covered in Glitter

OscarWedding 5 

Image Source: etsy.com

Glitter is the only acceptable substitute for Oscar gold. 

6. Film Fanatic

OscarWedding 6 

Image Source: etsy.com

Cover every surface with outdated moviemaking paraphernalia. Got an old Super 8 sitting in your parents’ basement? You just found yourself a free centerpiece. 

7. Who Are You Wearing? 

OscarWedding 7 

Image Source: thefrisky.com

Comb through the “Best Dressed” lists to find your perfect wedding gown. White is very “in” on the red carpet this year. 

8. Let’s All Go to the Lobby

OscarWedding 8

Image Source: rocknrollbride.com

Who says you can’t have popcorn at a glamorous Hollywood gala? After all, it’s the quintessential movie theatre snack. 

9. And to Wash All That Popcorn Down…

OscarWedding 9 

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

Everyone should witness a champagne pyramid at least once in their lifetime. 

10. Casting Cake

OscarWedding 10 

Image Source: cakecentral.com

Remember that black and gold theme? That goes for your cake, too!

11.  Marquee Matrimony

OscarWedding 11 

Image Source: bridalbook.ph

Walk down a red carpet aisle and say your vows underneath the spotlights. 

12. Stolen Vows

OscarWedding 12 

Image Source: quotesandmovies.com

Steal from Hollywood’s best screenwriters and take your vows from the most romantic Oscar-winning movies. 

OscarWedding 13 

Image Source: foreverwriters.com

13. Star Quality

OscarWedding 14 

Image Source: poptasticbride.com

Or just rent out a local movie house for the celluloid ceremony of your dreams. 

Now that you’ve gazed upon our glamorous wedding details, you’re ready to throw your own Oscar-nominated nuptials. Just don’t ask David Letterman to give the Best Man speech. 

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