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11 Tuxedo Alternatives for the Renegade Groom

For the traditional groom, getting suited up for the wedding day is easy.  Their bride picks out a tux, and the groom can just saunter into the closest Men’s Warehouse and rent it.

But some fashion-forward grooms actually want to be a little more involved in choosing their wedding wear. They want to look suave and cool—it’s their wedding day too, after all.

We found 11 dapper grooms to inspire those who want to wear something a little more renegade than a traditional tuxedo:

1. Kilted Cutie

Tux 1

Image Source: Style Me Pretty

By pairing a kilt with matching green accoutrements, this groom proves that real men wear kilts.

2. Eloping with Elvis

Tux 2

Image Source: Huffington Post

This Rock & Roll couple eloped in Vegas in their sneakers. While the bride is wearing a sparkly, disco ball inspired dress… we’re more focused on the groom’s white wedding suit.

3. Lounging in Love

Tux 3

Image Source: Matt Somerville Photography

In his VINTAGE. PURPLE. VELVET. LOUNGE SUIT, this groom is all kinds of awesome. We don’t even mind that he’s pulling focus from his bride.

4. Blue Jean Baby

Tux 4

Image Source: Buzzfeed

These outfits are the mullets of wedding suits – party on the bottom, business on the top!

5. Deadly I Do

Tux 5

Image Source: Kustom King

This jacket is the perfect choice for the groom who wants to ride his Harley down the aisle.

6. Canadian Tuxedo

Tux 6

Image Source: Free People

For the groom ready to embrace that denim on denim on denim trend… and the bride that isn’t embarrassed to be seen beside him.

7. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Tux 7

Image Source: Flickr

Ooops, sorry! That’s just a dapper groom in pin stripes.

8. Eastern Elegance 

Tux 8

Image Source: The Big Fat Indian Wedding


Get inspired by Indian wedding traditions with this colorful sherwani. (This couple gets bonus points for their matching blues!)

9. Gentlemanly Groom 

Tux 9

Image Source: Chic Vintage Brides

Get tweedy in a suit that would look at home on an English Royal.

10. They’ll Be With You Shortly…

Tux 10

Image Source: JD Wedding Photography

These groomsmen are bringing back board shorts with an air of Caribbean cool.

11. Save a Horse…

Tux 11

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/laliavila/my-culture/

In his formal hat, this cowboy is ready to say “I Do” instead of “Yee haw!”

For the renegade groom, sometimes a traditional tuxedo isn’t the way to go, but the above grooms show that they can still be wedding-day ready without sacrificing personality.  


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