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Free Wedding Vows for: the Couple that Loves PDA

Too busy smooching to write your vows? Don't worry! We know how to express your love in ways that aren't physical. Now go get a room!


Wow! It took you so long to walk down that aisle. I thought I'd never make it. Can we kiss yet?

People tell us we're a little too... affectionate in public, but they're just jealous of our love.


Thank you for always carrying a mint with you.


I literally feel like there's a bomb inside of me and it will go off as soon as I stop touching you.


Now that we're officially married, maybe people will stop talking about us behind our backs!



Hey, babe. Do you have my Chapstick?


Don't feel like you have to tone down today on account of my parents. We're a very affectionate family.


I love how perceptive you are. You always know when I need to come up for air.


I vow to stop judging you every time I can taste fast food in your mouth.

Now let's inconvenience people with our love!

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