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DIY Yourself Bride and Groom Sasquatch Cake Toppers

When picking out the perfect cake toppers, sometimes you want more than the traditional bride and groom. And if you can't find the figurines that perfectly express who you are, sometimes you've got to make them yourself.

For couples that want to embrace their wild side, here's our super easy Sasquatch cake topper DIY:

What You'll Need:

● 2 Sasquatch Figurines (We got ours from Amazon.com)
● Glue (We recommend E6000)
● 4 Inches of White Tulle or Tulle Ribbon, at Least ¾ of an Inch Wide
● 2 Inches of Black Satin Ribbon
● 4 Inches of Twine
● 1 Teeny Tiny Muslin Bow Tie (Can be found in the scrapbook section at craft stores.)
● Small Pearls Adhesive Scrapbook Tape
● Small Wired Paper Flowers

Sasquatch Bride:


Cut your ribbon or tulle into 2-inch strips to create the veil. Glue it to the top of your lady Sasquatch's head. (You only need a dot of adhesive!) Measure out then cut a piece of the pearl studded tape, and fashion your bride a necklace. For the bouquet, you'll need the wired flowers. Untwist the stems and arrange the flowers to your liking. Once you have your bouquet, glue it to Mrs. Sasquatch's hand.

Your bridal Big Foot is now complete!


Sasquatch Groom:


First, tie the black satin ribbon around the groom's waist. This will create the cummerbund (or sexy bridal shorts.) It's also where you'll stick Sasquatch's twine suspenders. Loop the twine around each hairy shoulder and attach them to the underside of the black ribbon with just a dab of glue. Add the self-adhesive muslin bowtie and your Sasquatch groom is ready to say "I Do" (or roar unintelligibly.)


Now Mr. and Mrs. Sasquatch are ready to stand atop your cake until the guys from Finding Bigfoot show up.




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