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Gift suggestions for the Pet Loving Couple

We all have friends who are pet-obsessed.  Guess what?  They’re sick of getting paw-print covered presents.  So what are you supposed to give the animal loving couple… besides another lint roller? 

We’ve compiled a list of amazing wedding gifts for the couple that loves their pets possibly more than they love each other.

1. Big Head Squirrel Feeder - $15.00

Pet Lover

Image Source: blogof.francescomugnai.com 


For the couple that loves to taunt animals while they feed them, the Big Head Squirrel Feeder makes a hilarious addition to the wildlife lovers’ backyard. 

2. Frenchie’s Winery Wines - $18-$30

Pet Lover 2

Image Source: frenchwinery.com 


Wine somehow tastes sweeter when it comes from the Napa Valley’s only dog winery. Visitors to the vineyard can leave their pooch in the tricked out dog lounge while they get tipsy on Chardonnay. 

3. Friendship Collar - $25-$35

Pet Lover 3

Image Souce: friendshipcollar.com


Your friends already have matching rings to pledge their undying love for each other.  But do they have anything similar for their cat or dog?  The Friendship Collar is a woven pet collar that comes with a matching bracelet for the pet parent.  Now no one will try to come between them and their furry BFFS. 

4. Custom Pet Pillow - $75

Pet Lover 4

Image Source: broderpress.com


A customized pet pillow is the perfect gift for the couple that doesn’t allow their dog into bed with them.  Artist Shannon Broder makes her customized pillows by turning pet photos into silk screens.  Now the pet loving couple will always be near their pooch, even when he’s fast asleep in his own bed. 

5. iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher - $100

Pet Lover 5

Image Source: iFetch.com


When the pet-loving couple finally needs some alone time, the iFetch is sure to keep their dog occupied.  With this automatic ball launcher, dogs don’t even realize that they're playing by themselves. 

6. Talking Pet Macaw - $500- $5,000 (or adopt!)

Pet Lover 6

Image Source: Wikipedia


A Macaw might just be the perfect companion for the couple that’s only interested in the long term.  With their 75-year lifespan, these talkative birds often outlive their owners.  How many people can say that future generations will still be enjoying a wedding gift bought decades ago?

7. Kool Cedar Cat Cottage - $909.70

Pet Lover 7

Image Source: catsplay.com


This insulated cat cottage is probably a lot nicer than most first apartments.  So while your couple is still starting trolling Craigslist for their ideal pad, their cat will be comfortable in this air-conditioned cedar house. 

8.  Dog Treadmill - $600-$1000

Pet Lover 8

Image Source: dogster.com


Just because the pet-loving couple has gotten comfortable enough in their relationship to let themselves go, doesn’t mean their dog should suffer!  Make sure their canine stays slim and trim with this state of the art dog treadmill. 

9. Serenity Cat Pod - $1,000

Pet Lover 9 

Image Source: catster.com


Is your favorite pet-loving duo in the market for a cat bed that doubles as a statement piece?  Good thing you found the Serenity Cat Pod.  The egg shaped bed blocks out noise and the remote controlled LED lights are supposed to regulate the cat’s sleeping habits.  It’s also the coolest cat contraption we’ve ever seen. 

10. Safari Trip - $2,400 per person

Pet Lover 10

Image Source: safaribookings.com


A Safari Trip from Savannah Explorers is the ultimate way to see animals in their native habitats. The animal loving couple will appreciate that they won’t have to clean up after the elephants, cheetahs and wildebeests that they trail in their luxury SUV. 

11. Aquarium Bed - $11,500

Pet Lover 11 

Image Source: acrylicaquariums.com


Your favorite couple can sleep with the fishes in this customized 650-gallon aquarium bed.  This gift will ensure that your friends will have an unforgettable wedding night. 

12. Donate to an Animal Charity

Pet Lover 12

Image Source: buyplaya.com 

Because every pet lover will tell you that helping an animal in need is better than any wedding present.  Ask your pet-loving couple about their favorite charities. 


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