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Prove Your Fandom With These 9 Adorkably Unique Engagement Rings

Do you and your babe bond while binge-watching? Salivate over storylines? Have you ever camped out at a cosplay convention?? If you’re freaks for your favorite franchise, here are 9 wedding or engagement rings that might just be the perfect fit. 

For fans of…

1. Harry Potter

Rings 1 

Image Source: etsy.com

What better way to tell her she’s caught your heart with this beautiful Golden Snitch ring? Its design and topaz gem evoke the classic Quidditch ball in an understated way that even your Muggle friends will admire. The 18K gold version can be had for $1,120.89, but there’s also a sterling silver one for just $141.15—an affordable way to tell her she’s the Hermione to your Ron.

Available via Etsy user alchemyhouse.

2. Game of Thrones

Rings 2

Rings 3

Image Source: geekymerch.com 

Do you fly your house sigil beneath the Stark Direwolf? Maybe the Lannister Lion, or even the Greyjoy Kraken? Tumblr user potterpenguin designed a set of Westerosean rings that are sure to “Tickler” your fancy.

Available via Gemvara

3. Dr. Who

Rings 4

Image Source: artgemsjewelers.com

People assume that marriage is a strict progression of love and commitment, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of lovey-dovey husband-wifey…stuff. American jeweler and Whovian Gino Arizmendi has created these awesome TARDIS rings for any budget, to remain a constant symbol of your love no matter where—or when—the journey takes you.

Available via Art & Gems Jewelers

4. Sherlock

Rings 5

Image Source: caratlondon.com

This one’s a bit more subtle, but this is the ring that Irene Adler sported in the Sherlock Series One episode A Scandal in Belgravia. So if your lady has an inner temptress, and a wit to match the great Sherlock Holmes, this is the ring for her.

Available at Carat London

5. Parks and Recreation

Rings 6 

Image Source: bradfordexchange.com 

This one takes some customization (because, incredibly, the world has yet to capitalize on Parks & Rec fan engagement rings), but “I love you & I like you” represents true love that will last—LITERALLY—forever, like Leslie and Ben or Bert Macklin: FBI and Janet Snakehole.

Available via The Bradford Exchange

6. Wicked

Rings 7

Image Source: Etsy.com

Now you and your musical theatre babe can dance all the way down life’s Yellow Brick Road with this beautiful black gold and Emerald (City) ring. Worthy of Adele Dazeem herself.

Available via Etsy user artmasters

7. The Fault In Our Stars

Rings 8

Image Source: etsy.com

For those who prefer a simpler expression, channel your inner Hazel Grace and Augustus in these matching stamped rings, okay? Okay.

Available via Etsy user timelessmaiden

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Rings 9 

Image Source: claddaghring.com

This one’s not just for the Buffy fans, but for ALL Whedoners. Remember when Angel gives Buffy this ring? It’s actually a traditional Irish wedding ring, but Buffy fans will know its “true” meaning.

Available via Claddagh Ring

9. Breaking Bad

Rings 10 

Image Source: etsy.com

Walter White may be dead, but your love shall live on forever. Blue meth is about as rare as they come, but this stunning rough-cut diamond is available right now. Say you want this!!

Available via Etsy user ManariDesign


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