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wedded list

10 People NOT to Invite to The Wedding

1. Parole officer, even if you do think of him as family.

2. Risqué 70s Cover Band, Sly and the Family Bone.

3. The tamale guy-- his rate was ridiculous.

4. Enough singles for a whole table -- it's just too depressing.

5. Your bachelor uncle -- give that bastard a few cocktails and a microphone, and pretty soon everyone knows about the time he peed in a cup, told you it was a slightly warm beer... and you drank it.

6. Boss who offered to pay for your honeymoon -- he could be in adjoining suite.

7. Representatives of the onsite casino.

8. Aunt who hates Baptists for some reason.

9. The wedding planner from a previous marriage.

10. Well I guess none of my friends because you have to have your sophomore roommate who you never even talk to anymore… I’m sorry can you give us a moment?

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