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wedded list

10 Things NOT to Say in Your Proposal

1. These past two hours have been great and I was just wondering…

2. Every time I think about you I think of my mom…you’re prettier than my mom but still the image is there.

3. Let me just start right off the batt by saying I forgot my wallet…

4. I thought I told you to wear the blue dress I like?

5. I love you so much, just saying your name gets me excited…especially when you say it…JJJeennnMar…help me out here…?

6. I want to spend the rest of my parent’s lives with you. 

7. So…you down?


8. I love everything about you: your laugh, your smile, your functioning kidneys…

9. Being in this drunk tank really makes me think about our future…

10. Our commitment to one another is a lot like this sunset: it’s impressive now but fading fast.



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