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put a zing on it


Gone Girl is one of the most buzzworthy films of the year. But as much as we love the characters, we are terrified that one day we will find ourselves in their position.

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Better safe than sorry. Make sure you add these key items in your prenup so that your favorite belongings don't go to your ex!!!

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Television is littered with wedding-based reality shows—and they’re hard to resist.  Even single people can’t look away from the stunning cakes, tearful fathers, and omnipresent DRAMA.  Admit it: you’ve been caught watching TLC in the afternoon, crying as that spoiled bride finally walks down the aisle.

If you’re wedding show-obsessed (like us) and need an excuse to drink (like us), we’ve devised the perfect drinking game for you. 

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The ‘80s were a decade of conservative politics and questionable fashion choices, and yet ‘80s-themed weddings are totally on trend in 2015.  (Note to brides: weddings don’t have to reflect the decade you were born in, OK? xoxo) 

We’ve found 13 ridiculous wedding dresses that will make you forget all about that cassette tape centerpiece you were dying to DIY.

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Life can be tough for grooms-to-be. For months, many are forced to feign interest in flower design, seating arrangements, and other details for which they have no enthusiasm.  So when it’s finally their big day, how are they supposed to keep from feeling marginalized? 

Answer: the Groom’s Cake.

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