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put a zing on it

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress best known for her portrayal of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. She's also known for bringing her quirky personality to the red carpet.

Watch as her faces express the universal experiences we have all had at weddings:

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One of the best reasons to escape to the theatre is to fall in love with a movie while its main characters fall in love with each other. But what happens after the credits roll? Are our favorite characters still in love? And more importantly...what did their weddings look like?

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90% of all wedding drama comes from the bride's mother. They just don't know when to let go! To help you figure out what type of wedding craziness might be coming your way, we've categorized the 9 moms that you typically see at a wedding:

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After the wedding is long over, the only thing that will remain of your special day (besides your relationship, we hope) are the photographs. Most couples go to extreme lengths to make sure that their wedding day is captured in a tasteful and attractive way.

In Russia, however, "taste" doesn't always factor in when it comes to the wedding photo album. Many Russian couples use Photoshop to create wedding day portraits that are zany and unsettling.

Here are 11 of Russia's strangest Photoshopped wedding photos:

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When people fantasize about their big day, they usually think about details like their dress, the cake, and the color scheme. Often, they forget to think about table centerpieces. But if you choose the wrong flowers to match the china and linen… it could be the ONLY thing your guests will remember about your wedding.

These 9 questionable centerpieces show what happens when you wait till the last minute to plan your table-scape.

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