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put a zing on it

Wedding Reality Shows Need A Drinking Game, and This Is It

Television is littered with wedding-based reality shows—and they’re hard to resist.  Even single people can’t look away from the stunning cakes, tearful fathers, and omnipresent DRAMA.  Admit it: you’ve been caught watching TLC in the afternoon, crying as that spoiled bride finally walks down the aisle.

If you’re wedding show-obsessed (like us) and need an excuse to drink (like us), we’ve devised the perfect drinking game for you. 

It’s really very simple. 

1. EVERY TIME: Someone cries.

YOU: Take a sip of champagne.

Reality show

Image Source: theyoungrens.com 

2. EVERY TIME: There’s a close-up of the Mother of the Bride withholding her true feelings. 

YOU: Make yourself an Appletini. 

Reality show 2

Image Source: Buzzfeed

3. EVERY TIME: The bride freaks out because her dress doesn’t fit anymore.  

YOU: Drink some water.  You don’t need any extra calories.

Reality show 3

Image Source: Fox News 

4. EVERY TIME: Someone covers their mouth with their hands and gasps. 

YOU: Drink that champagne as fast as you can.  Let out a satisfying burp when you’re done.

Reality show 4

Image Source: freewaystofarm.wordpress.com 

5. EVERY TIME: One of the show’s “experts” gives a sassy remark. 

YOU: Take a swig of your signature couple’s cocktail.

Reality show 5

Image Source: Tumblr 

6. EVERY TIME: The bride is younger than you are. 

YOU: Drink all the drinks.

Reality show 6

Image Source: Vitac.com 

7. EVERY TIME: The bride has a “Bridezilla” style melt down.  

YOU: Treat yourself to some tequila.

Reality show 7

Image Source: WETV 

8. EVERY TIME: Someone calls the bride “quirky” or “unique.”

YOU: Roll your eyes as you drop a shot glass into a pint of beer.

Reality show 8

Image Source: Tumblr 

9. EVERY TIME: A bridesmaid says something passive aggressive or throws the bride some shade. 

YOU: Take some whiskey from your secret flask and do not share.

Reality show 9

Image Source: Youtube 

10. EVERY TIME: The wedding cake falls down. 

YOU: Let’s do this, cake flavored vodka.

Reality show 10

Image Source: majolanoluvuyo-lally.blogspot.com 

11. EVERY TIME: The phrase “fairy-tale” or “princess” is used to describe the wedding dress. 

YOU: Eat a cupcake. (Princesses don’t drink.)

Reality show 11

Image Source: Buzzfeed 

12. EVERY TIME: A bride tries on a dress that is twenty-four times your monthly rent.

YOU: Crack open a PBR.

Reality show 12

Image Source: Tumblr 

13. EVERY TIME: The wedding has a cute photo booth.

YOU: Take a selfie as you take a shot.

Reality show 13

Image source: article.wn.com 

After you’ve played this drinking game, you’ll never look at weddings the same way again! (Because you’ll probably be passed out on the couch!)

Reality show 14

Image Source: Daily Mail 


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