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put a zing on it

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Celebrity Mother-of-the-Brides

If you search "Mother-of-the-Bride" on Pinterest, you'll find hundreds of inspiration boards filled with pictures of sexy older actresses like Helen Mirren killing it on the red carpet. It makes sense that moms would look to glamorous ladies to plan their formal wedding day looks.

The thing is, when it comes to their own children's weddings, celebrity moms fall all over the fashion spectrum. Some moms look great, others don't know how to share the spotlight, and a few apparently let their stylists go on vacation.


1. Susan Sarandon:


Susan Sarandon, with a lace neckline that matches her daughter's, looks entirely appropriate in her role as mother of the bride—maybe even too appropriate. Well done, Thelma... or was it Louise?

2. Mary Steenburgen:


Mary Steenburgen is gloating over the fact that no mother of the bride will ever look as good as she does... EVER.

3. Tina Knowles:


We'll forgive Ms. Knowles for breaking a cardinal rule, because she killed it in her all-white ensemble. Do we expect anything less from the woman who used to design the costumes for Destiny's Child?


1. Raquel Welch:


Bombshell Raquel Welsh refused to look matronly when she upstaged and out-cleavaged her new daughter-in-law.

2. Kris Jenner:


Honestly, we're surprised that Kris Jenner didn't try to pop a veil on too!

3. Jane Fonda


She's Hanoi Jane and Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy... and yet she showed up to her daughter's wedding looking like a regular old mom. UNACCEPTABLE.


1. Judy Garland:


We're sorry to rain on Judy's parade, but that striped number is atrocious. How much do you want to bet that those carnations were her idea, too?

2. Bianca Jagger


Bianca Jagger, once the most stylish woman in the world, looks like the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey.

3. Hillary Clinton:


This is what happens when you bully her out of her pantsuits, people.

If your mom is still struggling to find the perfect Mother-of-the-Bride gown, tell her to relax! Even celebrities have a hard time dressing themselves... unless she's Mary Steenburgen.

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