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Mythical Magic: 11 Ways Unicorns Can Help You Celebrate Your Wedding Day

The unicorn is a legendary creature that symbolizes magic and good luck. So, if you're looking for a wedding mascot, you couldn't find a better one than this rainbow-powered mythical beast.

Here are 11 ways to add some unicorn wonder to your wedding day:

1. Invitation to Imagination


Invite your friend to your unicorn-union with this colorful and flowery invite!

2. Corny Coat of Arms


Now that you're a family, you're going to need your own special crest... and that coat of arms should totally be made up of unicorns.

3. Walking on Sunshine (and Unicorn Heads)


When your shoes are this magical, you know you won't be getting any uni-corns! (Try the roast beef, we'll be here all night!)

4. Cake Topper Cuties


These toppers can magically transform anything into the rainbow sprinkle covered cake of your dreams!

5. Let Your Flag Fly


These unicorn cocktail flags give will give your reception a magical Medieval feel.

6. Neighing Name Cards


Make sure your guests that their seats are enchanted with these sparkly unicorn figurines.

7. Fun Fact: Unicorns are Made of Sugar and Frosting and Magic


We CANNOT get over this magical wedding cake from The Tattooed Bakers. It's (almost) too pretty to eat!

8. Equine Engagement


With this ring, you and your beloved can imagine riding off into the sunset together on your noble steed.

9. Feeling a Little Horny


This bride's headpiece is so fabulous and magical, we're sorry for making the above pun.

10. Enchanted Forest Photo Shoot


Who needs a photo booth when you've got an adorable unicorn to pose with?

11. Unicorns Do Exist!


These grooms and their magical steed are our matrimonial heroes!

If you're looking to add magic and wonder to your special day, let the unicorns show you how to do it!

Photo Attributions:


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