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Love Lifts You up Where You Belong When You Have a Sky Wedding

You're walking down the aisle in your wedding gown, next to your fiancé. On either side of you, your closest friends and family sit, smiling and excited. A bird flies by.

Wait – a bird? How did a bird get in here? You look down, and oh holy crap YOU'RE 180 FEET IN THE AIR. This is not a stress dream brought on by countless hours of wedding planning...this is Marriage in the Sky.


Marriage in the Sky operates in more than 40 countries, which is remarkable, considering it's one of the scariest wedding ideas we've ever seen! Up to 20 guests are strapped onto a platform that's lifted by a giant crane into the air. The officiant and the daredevil couple stand in the center, attached to emergency harnesses.


If that doesn't sound adrenaline-pumping enough for you, it gets even more daunting:


Once the ceremony is over, the wedding party switches platforms and straps themselves into place around a dinner table. In the center, a walkway allows up to 5 service people to cook food, pour drinks, and help anyone reaching for a barf bag.


Want a piano player? GET ANOTHER PLATFORM FOR HIM!


This marriage is so beautifully scary; we have vertigo just looking at the photos:


If you love the adrenaline rush of saying "I Do" high up in the sky, you'll have memories (and photos) that only the bravest of couples can get!


All Photos Courtesy Dinner in the Sky



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