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No Trucking Way: 5 Food Truck Alternatives Foodie Couples Will Love

Lately, every married couple-to-be seems gassed up about renting a food truck for their reception.

foodtruck 1

Image Source: Wedding Party App

Sure, the idea seems like a really cute crowd-pleaser, but this trendy restaurant on wheels may be more trouble than it's worth.
Who wants to spend half of the reception waiting in line? Everything in those tiny kitchens is made-to-order, so the line won't be moving like it would at a buffet:

foodtruck 2

Image Source: Squarespace

Do you know what makes waiting in line even more aggravating? An unexpected rainstorm:

foodtruck 3

Image Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Rain isn't the only disaster you'll have to worry about. What if the truck runs out of food? It only has room for so many ingredients, so you'll have to make sure the guests don't treat this party like the other "all you can eat" weddings they've been to.

foodtruck 4

Image Source: Cinnamon Kiss Paper

When you rent out a food truck, you're limiting your guests to just one kind of food. Your health nut uncle is going to complain loudly when your taco truck doesn't offer any gluten-free items... and he doesn't need another thing to complain about.

foodtruck 5

Image Source: Katie O Events

Also, if you don't apply for the correct permits, you could be violating zoning laws. Nothing says "cancelled honeymoon" like a truckload of fines.

foodtruck 6

Image Source: Gruene Estate

The worst thing about having a food truck at your wedding? EVERYONE else is doing it, too. According to CBS News, food trucks are one of this year's biggest wedding trends, second only to macarons!

So if you're looking for a creative and delicious way to serve food at your wedding, consider one of these tasty options:

1. Hibachi Grill Chef

foodtruck 7

Image Source: Blogspot

Who needs to waste time dancing when a Hibachi chef could be catapulting pieces of shrimp into your mouth? Hire a Hibachi chef and your catering AND your entertainment is taken care of in one easy step.

2. Oysters XO

foodtruck 8

Image Source: Bizbash

Originally based out of Amsterdam, this catering company's servers will move around your venue offering your guests oysters from ice buckets hanging from their waist. The servers also offer a variety of sauces to choose from and carry trash buckets where you can dispose of your empty shells. While it's hard to fill up on oysters, everyone will be too overcome by their aphrodisiac qualities to care!

3. Pancake Bar (or any kind of breakfast bar...)

foodtruck 9

Image Source: Evite
Take a food typically served at breakfast, and watch people coo over how darling it all is!

foodtruck 10
Image Source: Estate Weddings and Events

4. Popcorn Machine

foodtruck 11

Image Source: Unpredictable Bride

A serve-yourself popcorn machine gives your wedding a carnival air. (Plus, if your guests fill up on popcorn, you won't spend as much on food!)

5. Take Out!

foodtruck 12

Image Source: Maharani Weddings

See? You don't have to rent a food truck to make a good culinary impression on your guests. Just think a little outside of the take-out box, and everyone will be well-fed and happy!


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