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8 Brides Who Know How to Kick It in Sneakers

Who says you need to hobble around in six-inch heels on your wedding day? Ladies, you aren't any less of a woman if you don't go full Gaga at your ceremony.


Unless you're being carried around the reception like Cleopatra, we'd suggest staying out of monster heels.

Luckily, anyone who has seen The Father of the Bride remake knows that any lady can wear sneakers down the aisle as long as her father owns a sneaker factory and can cover them in lace for her:


Actually, ANY bride can combine comfort and style in wedding day sneakers.

Here are 9 real-life wives-to-be that eschewed heels and spent their wedding day flat footed:

1. Runaway Bride


Sure, she COULD run away, but when her shoelaces match her bridesmaids' colors, why would she ever want to?

2. You Raise Me Up


Just because you chose to go for the sneaks doesn't mean they can't give you a bit of a lift!

3. Put Some Bling on It


Some brides opt to decorate their shoes with rhinestones, bows, and tons of lace. (This is a great way to reuse that extra material left over from your fitting!)

4. Classic Chucks


You can't beat the simplicity of the standard black Chuck Taylor Converse.

5. It's a Van's World


She's with the Sk8r Boi!

6. Fancy Footwork


You don't have to go a day without showing your love for soccer (or, sorry, football.) Just make sure those cleats don't tear up the aisle!

7. Flair Jordans


It's your wedding day. Just do it.

8. Custom Colored Cons


Not only do these matching custom Converse go perfectly with this bride's colorful petticoat, but they're so cool, she'll probably wear them every day!

Whether you're a star athlete, or just a girl that values support and comfort, you can find the perfect sneakers for your perfect day!

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