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Free Wedding Vows: For the Quickie Vegas Wedding

Having a quickie Vegas wedding? We've got you covered... for your vows, at least.


With Elvis as my witness, I promise to love you tender:

Vegas 2

Image Source: 702Wedding

I was hanging with a bunch of old ladies over by the slot machines. They told me I hit the jackpot when I found you!

Vegas 1

Image Source: Ron Paul Forums 

Even though there’s more plastic in your body than in Wayne Newton’s face, I know you’re the one for me.  

 Vegas 3

Image Source: Gossip Magazines

 Sinatra, Davis, and Martin could never sing a love song as beautiful as you.

Vegas 4

Image Source: NY Daily News 

You’re as unique as the 24-hour buffet, but without the food poisoning.

Vegas 5 

Image Source: Flickr

 You’re the treasure in Treasure Island.

Vegas 6

Image Source: My Casino Travel

 My balls look like two-thirds of Blue Man Group, but tonight, that changes.

Vegas 7

Image Source: DeviantArt


I couldn’t believe it when you said we’d get married under the Eiffel tower, but you made it happen. It’s like we’ve traveled the world in one night.

 Vegas 8

Image Source: Girls Ask Guys

Even though I was here for the bachelorette party, Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan convinced me that you’re the one I’m really meant to be with. 

 Vegas 9

Image Source: Wilmot Mountain

 You make my heart flicker like the signs on the strip.

Vegas 10

 Image Source: Tumblr


 Near, far, wherever you are, I promise to be by your side. 

 Vegas 11

Image Source: Las Vegas

I can’t wait to be Mrs. …What’s your name again?

Vegas 12 

Image Source: ImgKid


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