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put a zing on it

The Weddings of Parks and Recreation Ranked

Though we bade farewell to Leslie, Ron, and the rest of the Pawnee crew, we can still learn a lot from the everlasting love that was displayed on the show. From the extravagant to the last minute (of which there are surprisingly many), we've got the definitive ranking of all of the Pawnee weddings.

Doesn't even deserve a number: Ron and Tammy 2


Real-life lovebirds Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally do an excellent job of being the absolute worst couple on TV. Tammy is manipulative, deceiving, and worst of all, a librarian. It's no wonder that her second walk with Ron down the aisle ended with the two of them in jail, and set of awful cornrows. Li'l Sebastian gives these two four hoofs waaaaay down.

5. Ron and Diane

Ron comes in second to last as well for his shotgun city hall nuptials to Diane. These two are perfect for each other—her children bring out the father in Ron, and neither of them are particularly flashy people, so it only makes sense that they went for the impromptu non-ceremony. Luckily Leslie was there to add some sparkle.

4. Donna and Joe


Donna is the queen of sass and swag, so it only makes sense that her wedding to Joe was equally as fierce. April did a great job keeping the Meagles in check, and was even there to foresee that Donna needed some drama in her life.

3. April and Andy

After dating only a few weeks, April and Andy surprised their friends and family with a wedding disguised as a dinner party. Andy wore his Reggie Wayne jersey and the two exchanged vows in Andy's band-mate's living room. April loved him even before he was Johnny Karate, Bert Macklin, or Starlord, so we know their love is true.

2. Leslie and Ben

When Ben first rode into Pawnee, we were skeptical—after all, he shut down the government and was a general Debbie Downer in the first few episodes. But we soon learned to love the adorkable former Ice Town mayor, and knew that he and Leslie were meant to be forever. Their wedding plans got "Jamm'd" at first, but in the end, their city hall ceremony with their coworkers was the best thing that could have happened for the political power couple.

1. Tux and Flipper


The wedding that started it all was Leslie's accidental marriage of two male penguins at the Pawnee zoo. Once she embraced her stance on the union, she found her voice and went on to do amazing things for Pawnee. And it all began with Flipper and Tux.

Honorable mention: Tom and Lucy


Sure, they never actually got married, but when Tom Haverford is involved, you know whenever they do, the wedding will be swagerific.

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