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put a zing on it

What Blue Ivy Was REALLY Thinking at Her Grandma’s Wedding

Blue Ivy, daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, was a flower girl at her grandma's wedding. Look at those adorable photos! Celebrities: they're just like us! OR SO WE THOUGHT. One of our Bridalville staff members is telepathic, and she got the entire scoop about what Blue Ivy was really thinking at this wedding.

I'm sorry, were you trying to take a photo without me? BLUE IVY DOES NOT APPROVE."

"Mommy and Daddy agreed that I should get to wear the tiara. We all know who the real Queen B is."


"Here's a twenty, Auntie Solange. Go park my tricycle. I need to mingle."


"Dance while you can, Mama. We all know the time of Blue Ivy will soon be upon us."


"My hair is on fleek. My everything is on fleek. I'm Blue Ivy."


"You wish you were sitting with the cool kids."


"I see you, 'other-baby-at-the-wedding.' Just so you know, I've got this shit on lockdown. Don't try anything too cute. I will destroy you."


"Funny faces make us more relatable. Maybe now people won't know we're in the Illuminati."


You do you, Blue Ivy! Remember, when you're Supreme Leader, we liked you best of all.

Photo Attributions:

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Jade African

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Black Girl, Long Hair


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