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wedded list

Now that a Japanese Travel Company is Offering Single Person Weddings, Here’s How to do it up Right

Single women of the world unite! Or actually don't, because a company in Japan is now offering weddings for single women!

The Kyoto based Cerca Travel Company has a package where you can pay $2,500-$3,100 and get all dolled up in a traditional kimono, take pictures with a professional photographer, and have your own solo wedding ceremony.


So if you want to channel your inner Sue Sylvester and marry yourself, here are 7 things you'll need to make your solo wedding day all about you:


1. A wedding band to play "All by Myself" over and over:

2. A regular sized wedding cake and one fork:


3. A cardboard cutout of Channing Tatum:


4. All of your cats:


5. A selfie-stick:


6. Hyper-intelligent woodland creatures to dance with:

7. And of course, lots and lots of alcohol:


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