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Jump Into the Bright Unknown With These 7 Futuristic Wedding Ideas!

Not everyone imagines the future as a dystopic wasteland where kids murder their vampire boyfriends because of tattoos.

For many people, the future still holds hope for humanity, and excitement for technological advancement. What better place to incorporate that hope than into your wedding? Check out these badass futuristic wedding touches that will have you crossing your fingers for the day after tomorrow!

1. Electrifying Wedding Rings!


Inspired by the movie Tron, these matching rings will keep the light in your marriage...or at least help you find your keys at night.

2. Bridal Veil Cam!


Attach this Sony 4K ActionCam to your veil and you'll forever enjoy your "bride's eye view!"

3. Fluorescent Touches!


Dim, romantic lighting is so past tense. Give us that warm, sexy glow!

4. Light-up Wedding Dress!


Hell, why stop at just florescent table fixtures? You'll be the light of the party in this LED fashioned bridal gown!

 5. Geometric Cake!


The future is all about form and function – shake it up!

6. Hologram nails!


What better way for the forward-thinking bride to shine on?

7. Step Into the future!


The future? More like the shoe-ture. Right?!

Whatever futuristic style choices you make, remember to stay present at your wedding. Hopefully it'll be the only one you have!


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