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wedded list

10 Items that Need to Be in Your Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit

Bridal boutiques like BHLDN are hawking “Bridesmaid’s Survival Kits” that hold emergency necessities like safety pins and tampons. 

Here are ten items we’d RATHER have in our Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit:

1. Mini-bar liquor bottles.

SurvivalKit 1

Image Source: totalbeverage.net

2. Earplugs to drown out that groomsman who won’t stop talking about how much money he makes.

SurvivalKit 2

Image Source: 2014.sf.wordcamp.org

3. Very expensive, dark chocolate. (You’ve got to keep your blood sugar up.)

SurvivalKit 3

Image Source: xfilexplore.com

4. A folding chair so you can sit down during that long-ass ceremony.

SurvivalKit 4

Image Source: elizabethannedesigns.com

5. A recording of your therapist whispering soothing words to you.

SurvivalKit 5

Image Source: popsugar.com

6. A vibrator. (No one’s going to see what’s going on under that dress.)

SurvivalKit 6 

Image Source: newslite.tv

7. Anti-depressants.

SurvivalKit 7 

Image Source: worshipthebrand.com

8. Old lady moustache cream. (Don’t ask.)

SurvivalKit 8 

Image Source: youtube.com

9. A robot bridesmaid to take your place.

SurvivalKit 9 

Image Source: hero.wikia.com

10. The perfect imaginary boyfriend to be your plus one.

SurvivalKit 10 

Image Source: hats-n-rabbits.com


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