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put a zing on it

Don’t Let This Happen To You: Learn from the Mistakes of These Disastrous TV Weddings

Are you taking inspiration for your own wedding from those you’ve seen on TV? Tread lightly because you wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes as these characters, all of whom had HORRIBLE experiences on their way to the altar!

9. Full House (Uncle Jesse/Aunt Becky)


Image Source: aggroswag.files.wordpress.com

After getting cold feet on his wedding day, Uncle Jesse secretly goes on one last daredevil adventure before getting hitched. After a mishap with a tomato truck, though, Jesse ends up in jail. Fortunately, Aunt Becky has the patience of a saint and comes to bail him out (in wedding dress and all). 

8. The Middle (Uncle Rusty/Marlene)

Wedding 2

Image Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com

When booking a venue, it’s considered good manners to schedule in advance. But Uncle Rusty waited until the last minute to let the Heck family know he’d be using their dilapidated home for his wedding, forcing them to stay up all night to redecorate their house of horrors. Cool move, Rusty! 

7. How I Met Your Mother (Lily/Marshall)

Wedding 3

Image Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Lily and Marshall seem like the perfect couple, however their wedding was anything but. Not only did they have to contend with Lily’s ex-boyfriend showing up to try to win her back, they also had to deal with their harp player going into labor and Marshall accidently shaving off part of his hair. If they can get through that mess unscathed, they can get through anything!

6. The Office (Phyllis/Bob Vance)

Wedding 4

Image Source: lifeintheoffice.com

Weddings have a way of getting hairy when you invite Michael Scott, as the Season 3 episode “Phyllis’s Wedding” proved. First, Michael gets kicked out of the reception after referencing the bride’s high school nickname (Easy Rider) in his wedding toast. Fortunately though, he’s able to get back in the couple’s good graces after tracking down Phyllis’s Alzheimer’s-suffering uncle, who goes missing. All’s well that ends well!

5. Modern Family (Mitchell/Cameron)

Wedding 5

Image Source: static.east.abc.go.com

You would think Cam and Mitchell’s wedding day would be smooth sailing after they overcame the hurdle of their marriage not being recognized by law. But you’d be wrong. After a number of mishaps, their wedding ends up getting shut down because of an encroaching wildfire, causing the couple to question whether or not they should even get married. However, Mitchell’s father Jay saves the day by finding them a new venue. Phew!

4. Castle (Castle/Beckett)

Wedding 6

Image Source: a.abcnews.com

Castle and Beckett are one of the greatest “Will they?/Won’t they?” couples of our time. When they finally got together, fans were ecstatic. However, those happy vibes soon dissipated after Castle got into a fiery car crash on the couple’s wedding day. Fortunately, the show is called Castle, and our man has since recovered from the accident and the couple is stronger than ever!

3. Revenge (Emily/Daniel)

Wedding 7

Image Source: mkserialblog.files.wordpress.com

Blood stains and wedding dresses don’t mix, as Emily Thorne learned the hard way. Her husband Daniel shot her in a drunken rage just hours after their nuptials. Needless to say, the loving couple got divorced soon after.

2. Smallville (Lois/Clark)

Wedding 8

Image Source: aceshowbiz.com

You know how they say rain on your wedding day brings a lucky marriage? Well, that superstition probably doesn’t account for raining fire. After months of build-up, Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s vow-exchange was interrupted by an alien force trying to bring about the apocalypse. Although the menace was sent packing by our heroes, Armageddon doesn’t exactly equal wedded bliss.

1. Game of Thrones (Red Wedding)

Wedding 9

Image Source: canada.com

Did you really think we’d compile a list of the most disastrous TV weddings and not mention Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding? We’ve saved the best and bloodiest for last! After Edmure Tully and Roslyn Frey marry for political reasons, a group of men (under the orders of Walder Frey) invade the festivities and massacre EVERYONE IN SIGHT. Yeah…if you’re squeamish, this particular episode might not be for you.

Arrests, shootings, Armageddon. These TV brides and grooms have been through it all! Their wedding days were far from perfect. If you’re a little more careful that they were, hopefully you and your beloved will fare better on your trip up the aisle.


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