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Who Needs Flowers? These Ten Bouquets Are Beautiful Without Blossoms

Do lilies make you sneeze? Afraid you’ll prick your finger on a thorn? Have a feud going on with your local florist? Here are ten flower-free bouquets to keep your hands busy while you tie the knot.

1. Vintage Brooch Bouquet

bouquet alternatives photo1

Image source: Rocknrollbride.com

Did you inherit your grandmother’s costume jewelry collection and don’t really know what to do with all that bling? Why not fashion it into a one-of-a-kind bouquet? Just make sure to fasten any and all loose pins!

2. Deer Antler Bouquet

bouquet alternatives photo2

Image source: Etsy Store

This rustic bouquet is perfect for a woodsy, outdoor wedding. And if you really want to take DIY up a notch, you can always bag the buck yourself!

3. It’s a Crochet Bouquet, Okay?

bouquet alternatives photo3

Image source: Madrid Metro Mod

Are you one of those people who brings your knitting with you wherever you go? Why not start a new project that will A) save money on flowers and B) give everyone at your wedding a newfound respect for your craft?

4. Feather Bouquet

bouquet alternatives photo4

Image source: My Freaking Wedding

Are you mortal enemies with a bird? Good. Turn it into a bouquet. Revenge is sweet.

5. Lollipop Bouquet

bouquet alternatives photo5

Image source: Follow Pics

Do you have a sweet tooth? Marrying a dentist? Or maybe you’re just a cartoon baby! Either way, this bouquet takes the cake.

6. Dog Bouquet

bouquet alternatives photo6

Image source: Weddings of Whimsy

Can’t be separated from your furry friend for even one day? Ditch the bouquet and carry your dog (or cat) down the aisle.

7. Apple Bouquet

bouquet alternatives photo7

Image source: The Natural Wedding Company

This autumnal bouquet lets everyone know who’s Queen of the Harvest. Bonus: it includes healthy snacks for the next couple days!

8. Steampunk Bouquet

bouquet alternatives photo8

Image source: 2BPBlog

What time is it? Time to turn your old watches, cogs, and buttons into a uniquely eye-catching bouquet, duh! Just be sure to make eye contact with the person you want to catch this.

9. Copper Bouquet

bouquet alternatives photo9

Image source: Etsy Store

Hand forged copper roses: they’re not just for Renaissance Faires anymore.

10. Book Page Bouquet

bouquet alternatives photo10

Image source: Etsy Store

This beautiful bouquet is perfect for book lovers…or people who just can’t seem to memorize their vows.


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