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Celebrate Sailor Moon’s Return With an Anime Inspired Wedding

Sailor Moon, the Japanese anime about a group of girls that magically turn into planetary super heroes, has just had a major comeback on Hulu. The romantic cartoon from the '90s has been re-animated... and now everybody seems to have that Sailor Moon fever again!


Since the show's original Millennial audience is starting to get married, it's no surprise that we've started seeing some pretty epic Sailor Moon-themed weddings.

We've found 11 ways you can channel your inner Sailor Scout on your wedding day:

1. Sailor Scouts, Transform!


How can your bridesmaids fully be there to protect you without their Star Power Sticks?

2. Lunar Invitation


By the power of the moon... we invite you to our wedding!

3. A Different Kind of Dynamic Duo


Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask have very recognizable silhouettes... which makes them the PERFECT cake toppers.

4. Sailor Shoes


For a more subtle tribute, have your Sailor bridesmaids wear shoes in the colors of their home planets.

5. Fighting Evil by Flashbulb


A photo booth filled with moon-powered props will help your guests remember how they saved the planet... even if it was just for a night.

6. Magical Makeup


Let your bridesmaids look their best (while fending off attackers) with their own Cosmic Heart Compacts.

7. Best Foot Forward


These sparkly slippers are a nice wedding day alternative to Sailor Moon's thigh-high red boots.

8. Engaging Cosplay


Channel your favorite couple from the Sailor Mooniverse for an unforgettable engagement shoot.

9. Usagi's Pink Heart


Why have a regular old engagement ring when you can have a perfect replica of the one Mamoru uses to propose to Usagi? (That's Darien and Serena to you Americans.)

10. Pink Sugar Power!


Whoever created this stunning Sailor Moon wedding cake might want to think about a second career in animation.

11.The Royal Couple


Princess Serenity looks like she's wearing a wedding dress all of the time. Consider recreating the royal couple's wardrobe for your wedding day look.

Sailor Moon is an action-packed anime that's also filled with romance and a healthy dose of girl power. That's a combination that your guests can get behind (even if they haven't seen the show.) So in the name of the moon, get married already!

Photo Attributions:

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