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11 Wedding Tattoos That Beat a Ring Any Day

Wedding rings are a classic symbol of a couple’s love and devotion… but they can still get lost, stolen, and put up as collateral in cutthroat, drunken card games.  So why not declare your eternal romance in a more permanent way?  Here are 11 wedding “tattwos” that are cooler (and probably cheaper) than any band of gold.

1. EKG Love

Finally, a way to show the world that your hearts really do beat in unison.

Wedding tattoos

Image Source: Tumblr 

2. King and Queen of Hearts

You’re only two away from a royal flush. Maybe name your kids Ace and Jack?

Wedding tattoos 2

 Image Source: imgfave.com 

3. I Avoca-DO! 

Perfect for those annoying vegetarian couples, these avocado tattwos are far from the pits. 

Wedding tattoos 3

Image Source: weheartit.com 

4. All About That Bass (Clef) 

On their own, these bass clef tattoos are a cool way to show your love of music.  But together, they display a whole new kind of passion.

Wedding tattoos 4

Image Source: slodive.com 

5. Darling, You Scan Me

Print your wedding date at the bottom of these bar code tats, and scan away.

Wedding tattoos 5

Image Source: douban.com 

6. Pac-Man

When these guys finish eating, they’ll meet and the middle and totally kiss! Adorbs.

Wedding tattoos 6

Image Source: keltiecolleen.buzznet.com 

7. The Key to Your Heart

Locks and Keys—they’re the perfect symbol of love. Just ask Mags Marclay!

Wedding tattoos 7

Image Source: creativefan.com 

8. Love Song 

Get the lyrics from “your” song and think about your romance every time you see it.

Wedding tattoos 8

Image Source: pixgood.com 

9. Rock on! 

There’s nothing more rock and roll than a lifetime of commitment.

Wedding tattoos 9

Image Source: inkedweddings.com 

10. Initially (and Forever) Yours

Ink your intended’s initials for a subtle tribute. 

Wedding tattoos 10

Image Source: dose.com 

11. The Missing Piece

Show the world that you’ve found your fit.

Wedding tattoos 11

Image Source: guff.com 

See more couples tattoos (and submit your own) at Tattwosome.com


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