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put a zing on it

D-I-WHY? 9 Horrible Wedding Centerpieces to Avoid

When people fantasize about their big day, they usually think about details like their dress, the cake, and the color scheme. Often, they forget to think about table centerpieces. But if you choose the wrong flowers to match the china and linen… it could be the ONLY thing your guests will remember about your wedding.

These 9 questionable centerpieces show what happens when you wait till the last minute to plan your table-scape.

1. The Pabst Piece

badcenterpiece 1 

Image Source: Pinterest

While you might be making a statement by using a can of the hipster’s beer of choice as a vase, remember: Pabst won that blue ribbon for their beer… not their décor.

2. Pollen Explosion

badcenterpiece 2 

Image Source: Preston Bailey

While this centerpiece was probably intended to look like a romantic cascade of orchids… it sort of resembles the cloud from an atomic bomb.

3. Cabbage Patch

badcenterpiece 3 

Image Source: Headwaters

Even though the flowers are hydrangeas, they look shockingly like heads of green cabbage What are the odds that someone mistakes the centerpiece for a salad bar and tries to munch on that expensive floral display?

4. Runaway Bride

badcenterpiece 4 

Image Source: Bizbash

How many times did your mother tell you? No feet on the table!

5.  Swan Dive

badcenterpiece 5 

Image Source: Ipunya

Something this top heavy is a definite risk at an event filled with tipsy people bumping into things.

6. Get Twiggy with It

 badcenterpiece 6

Image Source: Ipunya

Open flames and fallen branches… a combination that never fails to spark.

7. The Feather Duster

 badcenterpiece 7

Image Source: 9Wedding

Ooh la la! These feathers should inspire your guests to act like a French maid and clean up for you after the reception.

8. Spuds Galore

badcenterpiece 8 

Image Source: Thrifty Florist

Why, yes, this IS a centerpiece made out of potatoes. Spuds can be serious weapons if wielded by the right angry relative—use caution with this one.

9. Orchidding Me?

badcenterpiece 9

Image Source: Wedding Flowers

Let’s take some expensive and beautiful flowers and drown them!

After seeing these questionable centerpieces, it’s pretty apparent that a lot of thought needs to go into your table arrangements. Just remember: less is more… unless “less” is just a beer can. 


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